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Buzz from the Bush

For close to a decade, Jennifer Vitanzo spent her time in the South African bush as a photographer, writer, educator, and researcher, working with and documenting wildlife, helping with local, national, and global conservation and community uplift projects, and generally getting covered in red dirt on the daily. As an American expat living overseas and doing what is considered 'nontraditional' work, she often found herself the center of questions from family and friends about life among the wild things. To best address those questions (and because internet was always spotty at the best of times wherever she was), she decided to create a single space where she could offload information and photos and dedicate it to her work and travels in southern Africa. This space became the blog she named Buzz from the Bush.


Because environmental and social issues have always been extremely important to Jennifer, and because working in the field illustrated just how inextricably intertwined the two are, she decided to not just talk about her adventures, but also use the blog as an opportunity to educate more people on issues that affect us all, human and otherwise.


The blog sheds light on several topics:

  • Highlighting and demystifying many environmental issues

  • Interesting facts about wildlife she's worked with

  • Ways to travel more sustainably

  • Problematic behavior we may be doing without being aware that it is contributing to environmental problems

  • Ways we can living more equitably with each other and everything else on the planet

  • And there is plenty of beautiful photography and music to go along with the stories!

To read more about Jennifer's experience with all things wild and wonderful, head over to her blog page (Buzz from the Bush) or visit her buzzfromthebush social media channels.

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