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Let's face it - life can be hard. Sometimes we feel very alone, disconnected, and lost. Often the hardest challenge we face is figuring out who we are and what we want in life.  Late Shift Media was created in response to that challenge. We hope to be a shining beacon for those who feel unheard, unseen, unsung, and unsure of their path. 

Our aim is simple - capture and promote the beauty of the
world in all its forms in ways that inspire people to find
their voice and use it to speak out and act with conscience.

 We create media and events and provide services that: 

  • Connect us to ourselves, each other, and the world  around us

  • Tell the stories that remind us we aren't alone and inspire us to live life fully 

  • Ask the hard questions and seek out answers and solutions 

  • Offer mentorships, classes, and support to help others on their own path

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